Allow Your Jewelry to Speak For You

Welcome to Beadly Speaking Jewelry! We specializes in beaded, wire, hand painted shapes, and fabric jewelry. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted in our studio. 

Self taught as a result of her mom having a brain aneurysm, Dyon used jewelry making to help to her mom recover from multiple brain surgeries. More than 16 yrs later, mom has completely recovered and makes her own jewelry. What started out as therapy for mom has turned into us creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry to enhance your look. 

Dyon, our shop owner, is an Educator with experience teaching Elementary School, Adult Basic Education, and personal finance. As a result of that, we host virtual and in person jewelry making workshops that focuses on wellness and self-esteem building. Making jewelry has been proven to be therapeutic both for the mind and the body. 

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